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Tumblr repost- Ask The Vag Q&A #18
I know a lot a women joke about this , But do women find it irritating when guys push down on their head during a blowjob? Jim

This one is hard to give a straight yes or no on, because every woman is different. The best thing you can do is simply ask the lady, communication during sex is not only sexy, but it makes everything so much more fun for both parties. I love a guy to tell me exactly what he wants and how he wants it, it excites me even more to know that he is thoroughly enjoying it instead of just tolerating me hoping that it is what he likes. Now if the woman tells you no, then seriously you better not even fucking try it, more than likely your hard earned BJ will end right there. If she’s open to it or even just willing to try, then GO EASY!!! Don’t just start pounding her mouth like it’s just another vagina, you’ll get to that shit soon enough. Get your hands in her hair and just a small amount of pressure is enough. She knows her limits on how far she can take something down her throat, not you, and her stopping the whole production so she can gag for a bit is no fun for anybody.

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